Welcome to my art business hub page! I've been having so much fun creating jewelry, and finding fun new homes for my fractals. But the list of web links is getting cumbersome to share with everyone. So my sister, Becca, saved my bacon yet again. "You know, Webador has a great web hosting service... You should check them out. Here, I'll share my husband's business site." https://wareisthecleanllc.webador.com/ (Insert "Five Minutes Later" meme here, so we've got time to take a look) "Wow, Becca! This is great! I should put a site together one of these days...". Well, that day is here! I like to knock out my New Year's goals quickly, so I don't forget and flake them off. Take a look at the top of this page to see my store locations. I'll highlight them below too. Keep this page bookmarked, I'll be able to keep updates logged here. See something you like, but it's not quite perfect? I've got your back! I'll create any custom piece of any of my products. Tell me what you need, I'll make sure it's just right.

Chris Farley is officially living rent-free in my head... because "Holy schnikes"! If you've been following my work since my family escaped Human Trafficking in 2019, you'll notice that my fractal game has completely evolved. This is a recent development (Rest In Pixels, Tierazon Fractal Generator 98), and I'm super-excited to debut these designs in all my shops (although it'll be a little more "doin's" to get fractals made into tangible objects, and uploaded to Etsy). You'll enjoy the myriad of awesomeness that will become available, even more so if you've got a handy UV / Black light!

When beautiful fractals meet versatile craft supplies, this happens. 48mm of glowing glam, that barely weighs a gram! With plenty of styles available to match any outfit, these earrings could easily become a staple accessory.

Featuring a Limited Edition Item on Etsy - Glow-in-the-Dark Earrings! The molds required to make them proved to be incredibly unreliable, so there are only a few limited pairs available on Etsy, and in the local Denver Metro area (The HeadSpace can be found at https://theheadspace.net/pages/denver-store.). Available at just under $20 per pair, you'll dazzle your friends and family.

A fan favorite on Etsy, my Classic Gemstone Earrings! These are also my most inexpensive item... everyone should have something nice, no matter their budget. These are available for under $10, which is unbeatable among commercial businesses. I don't weigh my gemstones in karats, I weigh in grams. And I don't snub the natural beauty of semi-precious stones. I mean, look at those green and orange Aventurines! And get an epic surprise with my Garnet and Amethyst jewelry. Diamonds ain't that cute, and you won't find 'em in these quantities for less than $10k. These are available for pierced ears, or clipped for unpierced ears. You'll also find them at The HeadSpace - Denver.

Fractals belong on everything! Did that awesome new iPhone you got during the Holidays come with one of those boring monochrome cases, or none at all? No worries, I'm here for you! I'll be sprinkling fractals all over Zazzle, so you'll want to save the Collections page for future shopping trips.

Here's hoping that the next two years go better than the last two years, eh? At least they'll look nicer. Self care is very important, and if that amounts to looking at a fractal on a calendar page... Then hey, that's probably more than I had time for today, lolz. Zazzle is the perfect production partner for all things Custom and Unique, they've got all sorts of awesome stuff for everyone to enjoy!

Do you need to liven up your space, or an item you already have? Here's where Spoonflower shines! These are the designs available, as of January 2022. All of these designs are printed-to-order as wallpapers or fabric swatches... But you can also find other fabric-based products (bed sheets, towels, etc) that can be customized with anything I've posted and proofed. Keep your eyes open for new Earrings on Etsy, made by cutting shapes into these fabrics, then making them glow-in-the dark.

Another new outlet for my new fractals, this series on RedBubble is a preview for the plushie toys I hope to start releasing this year. My earnings from these products will be invested into creating the plushies, and they'll be a great complement for the toys when they're released. See the myriad of products available to represent the Fractal Pets designs. This series is dedicated to the "Princess Purr" plush toy.